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Power Rangers in Space [VHS]

Price : $14.98 AverageRating : 4.5 Reviews : 53
I bought this movie for my daughter, who watched it when it first came out years ago and we had rented it for her. Recently, she wanted to buy a copy of the movie for herself and I was happy to find it on amazon. She still likes this movie although she admits that watching it now is kind of funny because computer animation has come such a long way since this movie was made. I also believe that age plays a big role because a young child will see the movie differently than a teenager. I think kids will still like this movie, especially if they are into Power Rangers.

AB Roller Plus: Rock ‘n Roll Ab Workout (15 Minute Power Program for Abdominals)

Price : $8.98 AverageRating : 4.5 Reviews : 3
Venture Aerobic Productions, 1995. This 15 minute power program for ABDOMINALS hits the spot. For your best body ever, you need more than just hype. You need the BEST hardware and the right software. That’s why fitness pro, Brenda Dykgraal offers some POWER programming to go along with the AB roller Plus. This program includes: 5 minute Beginner Ab workout; 6 minute ADVANCED Ab workout and TWO minute COOL DOWN stretch. The AB Roller Plus supports your head to reduce neck strain and allows you to perform a variety of different moves such as: Basic Crunch. Cross Arms. Reverse Crunch. Obliques with Cross Arms. COmbination moves with Alternate Leg Extension.. Hopefully you do have an AB ROLLER so you can start with perfect crunches, then add in an exciting mix fo arm and leg moves for a comple

Southern Comfort [VHS]

Price : $4.94 AverageRating : 4.0 Reviews : 48
More than merely Deliverance in the Louisiana bayou, Walter Hill’s taut little tale of weekend-warrior National Guardsmen on swamp exercises reverberates with echoes of Vietnam. Powers Booth brings a hard pragmatism to the “new guy” in the unit, a Texas transplant less than thrilled with his new group. “They’re just Louisiana versions of the same rednecks I served with in El Paso,” he tells the levelheaded Keith Carradine.

The barely functional unit of city boys and macho rednecks invades the environs of the local Cajun trappers and poachers, “borrowing” the locals’ boats and sending bursts of blank rounds over their heads in a show of contempt. Before they know it the dysfunctional strangers in a strange land are on the losing end of a guerrilla war. The swamp rats kill their

Final Push Continues; 3000 customers remain without power as PECO focuses … – MarketWatch (press release)
Final Push Continues; 3000 customers remain without power as PECO focuses
MarketWatch (press release)
PHILADELPHIA, Feb 13, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Twelve to 16 hours shifts continue for PECO crews working to restore power to the final 3000 customers
PECO is getting power back on for customersDelaware County Daily Times
Peco working to restore
Peco workers joined by out-of-state crews | Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/12/2010Philadelphia Inquirer -Lansdale Reporter -Philadelphia Daily News
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Magnetic Energy To Power Your Home
Magnetic Energy To Power Your Home – By Pawel Reszka – An Article from Articlebliss.

Flower & Power – Chau Doc and Saigon
We got a new coach service from Kep in Cambodia over the boarder to Ha Tien in Vietnam with little fuss (we’d already got our visas) and got straight on a local bus north to a little town called Chau.

USS Neverdock: Power Up Your iPhone When You Travel
“Now you need never worry about such trivialities as the Portable iPhone Charger will provide you with enough back up power for up to 5 hours of calls or 20 hours of music playback. Just plug the charger into your PC or Mac and let it …


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