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Zojirushi Activated Descaling Cleaner

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Zojirushi ADC-05 Activated Decaling Cleaner removes lime, scale and mineral deposit build-up from electric dispensing pots, air pots and carafes. A clean pot means proper water temperature and a fresh clean taste for beverages!

Zojirushi ADC-05 Activated Decaling Cleaner will extend the life of your appliance by keeping it clean internally! Not for use on aluminum. This item is safe to pour down the sink and will not harm plumbing or septic systems, is non-toxic and biodegradable. Sold in single packs of 1 ounce.

For optimal results we recommend using 1 pack for each liter of capacity of the item being cleaned (example: a 4 -Liter capacity pot will need 4 packets of cleaner).

You should clean the pot or appliance once a year if using bottled or filtered water or every

PEET Shoe Dryer GDP-B Glove DryPort Attachment

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This glove extension is made to attach easily to your Peet boot dryer. Ideal for standard size and extended gloves. Use PEET DryPorts with Original PEET, Propane PEET, Multi PEET, and Advantage PEET Dryers Other dryers end in tubes that simply blow hot air in one direction, over-drying some areas and potentially causing damage Patented PEET DryPorts are engineered to deliver the perfect airflow for footwear and gear Specialized PEET DryPorts add versatility to PEET Dryers, while bringing the comfort of PEET Dry to more parts of your body and extending the life of more types of gear Backed by 2-year warrantyHighly recommend these for fast drying ski gloves…and for work gloves. Keeps form of gloves and works great for leather.



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San Francisco’s Black Rebel Motorcycle Club weren’t exactly shy about their taste for early `90s UK rock (Jesus and Mary Chain, Ride, Stone Roses), influences that freely permeated their debut and Take Them On, On Your Own. But Howl argues that B.R.M.C. understands how such devotion can often be a creative straightjacket, stripping their songs bare via almost exclusively acoustic arrangements that variously evoke gospel-tinged Appalachia and gritty country-blues (”Devil’s Waitin’, “Ain’t No Easy Way,” “Restless Sinner”), gentle, mouth-harp seasoned folk (”Fault Line”) and vocalist Peter Hayes invoking various ghosts of Dylan past on “Still Suspicion Holds You Tight,” “Promise,” and “Complicated Situation.” Indeed, in everything from its music and Allen Ginsburg-inspired title

Councilor sees more motorcycle-related road accidents – Manila Bulletin
Councilor sees more motorcycle-related road accidents
Manila Bulletin
Councilor Jaime Borres of the city's third district said that motorcycle drivers should also share the fault as some of them tend to overspeed especially

Deadly trend: Motorcycle deaths climbed in 2008 – San Bernardino
Deadly trend: Motorcycle deaths climbed in 2008. San Bernardino Sun A jump in motorcycle-related fatalities has prompted area law enforcement agencies to crack down on unsafe motorcycle riders and watch drivers as they … …

Malibu Motorcycle Accident Lawyer's Top Ten Things You Least Want
1. We don’t offer motorcycle insurance. 2. Are you wanting to buy coverage? 3. That company went out of business two years ago. 4. We already told the police you don’t have coverage. 5. We already informed the Department of Motor …

Encinitas Motorcycle Accident Attorney's Top Ten Things Found at
Scratched motorcycle helmets. 2. Torn clothing. 3. Damaged motorcycles. 4. Personal injury lawyers hiding in the bushes. 5. Ambulance drivers looking for Waldo. 6. Police cars by the dozens. 7. The press. 8. TV news crews. 9.