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Fleur de Sel De Guerande- French Sea Salt ; 6oz

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Fleur de sel is obtained by hand harvesting the young salt crystals that form on the surface of salt evaporation ponds giving the Fleur de Sel its characteristic crunch and clean light taste. This exquisite salt is hand harvested and is considered to be queen of all salts by the famous chefs and cooks everywhere.

We procure our Fleur de Sel directly from farmer owned cooperatives ensuring the highest quality and consistency. Our Fleur de Sel is collected at a single source located in Brittany, France.

Great on: grilled meats and seafood. Exceptional on: rich chocolate desserts 100% Natural, hand harvested French Sea Salt. Procured directly from farmer cooperatives in Brittany, France Airtight container ensures freshness Makes an excellent giftI always wanted to try different salts but

Blooming Tea Bouquet Gift Box – 12 Blooming Teas with FREE Gift Wrap!!

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Give a different kind of bouquet. Four different blooming teas make up this Blooming Bouquet! A dozen blooms come packaged in a gift box with ribbon and gift card. 12 individually tied blooming flower teas Spring white tea wraps chrysanthemum, lily, jasmine and red globe amaranth flowers A unique bouquet of flowers packaged as the perfect gift Low in caffeine and high in anti-oxidents Handmade in Fujian Province, China

10 Jasmine Blooming Flower Tea

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Fine jasmine scented tea leaves are hand tied around the base of a Red Globe Amaranth flower. As the tea steeps the leaves gently open and “bloom” into a lovely flower. These are a great alternative or compliment to wine at a dinner party. Serve in a wine glass to inspire conversation. Keep adding water to enjoy a beautiful jasmine flavor throughout the entire meal. 10 individual hand-tied jasmine flower teas. Jasmine scented leaves encircle a Red Globe Amarnth flower. Serve in a glass teapot, wine glass or other clear vessel to watch as the leaves gently unfurl A great conversation piece for a dinner party Hand crafted in Fujian Province, ChinaThe blooms in the water were beautiful, but the tea itself hada very gritty, almost “earthy” taste to it which i didnt like. I used them to make i

Stanley Works lays off 40 workers in Hand Tools – New Britain Herald
Stanley Works lays off 40 workers in Hand Tools
New Britain Herald
Tuesday, 40 of Stanley's 200 Hand Tools workers on Myrtle Street learned they will be laid off Jan. 1, 2010. All are union members and the layoffs will be

Saying Hello – Woodwork Forums
… have got my workshop almost were it needs to be for me to start making again after a lay off of nearly 4 years due to moving around, I am sorely tempted to just use Hand Tools in my Furniture making after reading Tom Fidgen’s blog. …

Barbecue Recipes – Charcoal Companion CC1010 Golf Club 3-piece
3-piece barbecue tool set made of durable stainless steel; Putter-shaped spatula; golf-ball-shaped tongs; 2-prong fork; Soft-grip handles like those found on golf clubs; hand wash; Perfect for golf fans who love to cook outdoors …

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Steering Wheel Lock Plate Remover (Sk Hand Tool Corp) Steering Wheel Lock Plate Tool Supercedes 57200 (Lisle Corp) Steering Wheel Lock Plate Tool The pop. Steering Wheel Lock Plate Tool Supercedes 57200 $18.95. …