DK Earth Quest 1.1

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Discover the most mysterious and volatile secrets of Earth!

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Enter this virtual museum environment and bring thegeological world into your classroom with comprehensive information about rocks, minerals, and the geophysical forces that shape our planet.

Learn how Earth evolved over billions of years and how it continues to develop and change tothis day! Using dramatic software technology, students can create their own 3D volcano, witness the transformation of the planetary surface in an accelerated timeline or even set off an earthquake and watch its seismic effect on the surroundingtown!

Photographs, audio, video and text all combine to provide a comprehensive g

Starry Night Enthusiast 5.0 Astronomy Software (Win/Mac)

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Starry Night Enthusiast 5.0 is the ultimate tool for anyone who wants to explore the night sky. Explore the solar system without leaving the planet, by using this incredible guide to the stars. Visit solar systems 20,000 light years away, check out the view from the International Space Station and walk on the moon. Know the wonders of space firsthand. Incredible educational movies introduce in-depth space and astronomy concepts Receive weekly sky-gazing concepts for a better look at the Heavens! Explore without limits 700 million light years of space View 2,500,000 stars and 40,000+ deep-space objects Learn how to instantly identify planets, stars, and constellations Deepen explorations with over 70 interactive, multimedia tours Fly around the universe using joystick-supported spaces

Sound Conditioner Sound Screen SleepMate Electro-Mechanical White Noise Machine

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This Sleep Mate Sound Conditioner product produces the sounds of nature and surround you with an environment of “conditioned” sound. Are loud neighbors, your spouse’s snoring or other irritating noises keeping you awake at night? This is no longer a problem when you have this noise sleep machine. These sleep machine devices employ the latest technology to create soothing, natural sounds that effectively mask out unwanted noise that may interfere with your ability to sleep, relax, meditate or concentrate on work or studies. The sound from this sound sleep machine is continuous and pleasant, and works like a balm to soothe and relax. Sound conditioners create a consistent, smooth sound of rushing air. The tone and volume of the sound of this sleep aid are controlled by simply rotating the “c

Playtech Shares Rise 11% On Scientific Games’ JV Deal In US – Wall Street Journal

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Playtech Shares Rise 11% On Scientific Games' JV Deal In US
Wall Street Journal
LN) rose 11% Thursday after the company announced a joint venture deal with US-based Scientific Games Corp. (SGMS), which analysts expect will drive future
Playtech forms joint venture with Scientific GamesReuters
Scientific Games, Playtech to Develop Online GamesABC News
Playtech forms joint venture with Scientific GamesTrading Markets (press release)
Kiosk (press release) -Online Keno
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